PC Repairs on Shetland's North Isles!

B-NAG!!!!! Don't you just hate it when that happens??
  • Has your Windows PC gone pear-shaped?
  • Is your printer misbehaving?
  • Is your scanner or camera playing hard-to-get?
  • Are you having difficulties with Windows itself?
  • Are you having problems with other software?
  • If so - don't go off the deep end and do this to it!
  • The problem might actually be quite minor - i.e. easy and reasonably cheap to fix, so:
  • Call me instead for a free appraisal of your hardware or software problem;
  • Onsite or remote repairs may be possible - please ask.
'I s'pose you think that's funny??'
Happy chappie!
  • Your PC could soon be its old cheerful self again, hopefully without costing you an arm and a leg!
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Philip Andrews on 01957-755378

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